Hearing Sept 29 on Lake Erie Gravel Pit


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the saltwater Islands of Skagit County for generations to come.

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community engagement in local land use planning and development can have positive, lasting impact.

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to monitor and support the responsible enforcement of state and national laws that protect the environment.

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  • ACFL Plan Public Comment

    Public comments on the ACFL Plan Update are being accepted.  The plan is currently under review by the Forest Advisory Board.  You may send your comments to Bob Vaux, Assistant Director of Anacortes Parks and Recreation (bobv@cityofanacortes.org) and/or directly to the Forest Advisory Board members here




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Lake Erie Gravel Pit Appeal Hearing

September 27, 2023

The Skagit County Commissioners’ closed record Appeal Hearing of the Lake Erie Gravel Pit permit wil…


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August 2, 2023

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Salish Snippets July 18th 2023

July 18, 2023



A wild, healthy, sustainable Skagit County

depends on you.

photo by Sandra Spargo


Saving Happy Valley Stream

Happy Valley Stream is not so Happy.  Buried in places, channeled and choked with invasive, nonnative plants, this stream which flows near the City Cemetery and along upper Commercial Avenue could use some love. 

Lake Erie Gravel Mine Expansion

Evergreen Islands appeals Lake Erie Gravel Mine Expansion

Anacortes Community Forest Lands Plan Update

Protect Anacortes Community Forest Lands, Participate in the Plan Update

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