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Marlene Finley, President Marlene worked in park and forest management for the United States Forest Service and National Park Service for 35 years, followed by serving several years as the Parks Director for San Mateo County (Northern California). She has a undergraduate degree in Environmental Planning from UC Davis and a Masters of Science in Forest Management from Oregon State University. She is an active Skagit County Master Gardener. Marlene joined the Evergreen Islands Board in 2018.

Tom Glade, Vice President Tom grew up in Lufkin, a small town in the ‘Piney Woods’ of Texas.  In summers and winters, his father, the Chief Forester for Southland Paper Mills, took Tom and his two-brothers fishing and hunting.  Tom attended the University of Texas, graduating with a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Tom worked for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft (Long Beach, California) as a Engineering/Scientist Specialist and for Garrett Airesearch Turbochargers as a Senior Development Engineer. In 1989, he moved to Skagit County to work for the PACCAR Technical Center, where he worked for the Technical Center as a Senior Project Engineer for 25 years. Tom joined the Evergreen Islands Board of Directors in 2007 and has served many years as President.

Wim Houppermans, Secretary Wim is a mechanical engineer, working at PACCAR where his analysis of truck components help to make the trucks more durable. He joined Evergreen Islands in 2014.

Jan Heald Robinson, Treasurer Jan works as a corporate and advisory finance executive and has served on local and national boards of banking, accounting, and finance organizations. She has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Middle East Studies. In 2013, Jan and her late husband Roger moved to a house built by Roger’s grandmother on property that has been in the family since 1885. Since the 1980’s, Jan and Roger have been instrumental in efforts to preserve the rural character of South Fidalgo. Jan joined the Board in 2018.

Rich Bergner, Director Rich is a former educator who is now a gardener/caretaker who enjoys growing and promoting native plants. He started Fidalgo Backyard Wildlife Habitat in 2005 and worked with a dedicated group of volunteers to certify 600 yards as wildlife habitats. That grew into his involvement in climate change issues. He is on the board of Transition Fidalgo. Rich enjoys family–especially being with and being silly with his two grandchildren, Marisol and Azuul; reading; peace and quiet; and strolling through the 6 acres of yard landscapes. He has been on the board of Evergreen Islands since about 1998.

Andrea Doll, Director Andrea is a retired educator and real estate broker. She has served on the Evergreen Islands Board for several years.

Kathleen Lorence-Flanagan, Director Kathleen retired from 50 years of nursing, and from 10 years of caregiving mothers (her husband’s and her own) until the time of their deaths, Kathleen now finds time to pursue interests in the community. She serves as Secretary for the Anacortes Senior College Board, and is a member of No More Bombs. In 2020, a long time interest in environmental stewardship led her to accept a position on the Board of Evergreen Islands.

Brenda Lavender, Director Brenda joined Evergreen Islands in 2002 after a 30 year career teaching history and geography in Oregon. She was President of the local chapter of the Washington Conservation voters for 10 years. On the Evergreen Islands Board, she served as Secretary for 15 years and takes responsibility for organizing social events like the August picnic and December seasonal party.  She also is the driving force behind the November fundraising newsletter.  Brenda’s current interest is in urban stream restoration and wetland protection.

Brian Wetcher, Director Brian has served on the Evergreen Islands Board of Directors for many years. He is currently on the Forest Advisory Board for Anacortes Community Forest Lands.

Our Attorney

Kyle A. Loring,, is an Environmental and Land Use Law attorney who effectively advises and successfully represents Evergreen Islands on many cases.

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