Skagit County Commissioners exclude FCCS

May 18, 2023

On May 8,2023, Skagit County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution which excluded two petitions to amend the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan to allow Fully Contained Communities (FCCs).

Evergreen Islands opposes FCCs for many reasons, including: impacts these sprawling developments pose for the natural environment, loss of farmland, costs to county to provide services, and additional traffic. By allowing suburbs in the rural landscape, Fully Contained Communities are fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of land conservation that we strive to protect. Planned growth needs to occur within the urban growth areas. Evergreen Islands joined a grassroots coalition, Right Growth, Right Place: FCCS Are Not the Answer, to oppose the FCC proposals. This campaign is organized by a coalition of local citizens and organizations including Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland, Skagit County Farm Bureau, Evergreen Islands, Indivisible Skagit, and Home Rule Skagit.

Over 2,000 citizens from across the political spectrum signed a petition opposing FCCs. This packet of signatures was delivered to the Board of Commissioners during the April 24, 2023 public hearing before the Board of Commissioners. In addition, Evergreen Islands board members testified at the public hearing in opposition.

History has shown that FCC proposals have a tendency to re-emerge. The current Board of Commissioners excluded FCCs from the 2023 docket but don’t be surprised if there are more attempts the future.

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