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Protect Oil Refinery Workers

SPEAK OUT! Protect Oil Refinery Workers PUBLIC HEARING in AnacortesUpdated Refinery Safety RulesAugust 16 at 6:30 p.m. (prehearing overview 5:30)Majestic Inn & Spa419 Commercial Ave.Anacortes, WA The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has formally submitted its updated refinery safety regulations for public comment. Your comments are needed to ensure that the new stronger …

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Local Forest to be cut

A permit application was made to harvest 75 acres at Blanchard Knob Trail, Bow. View the notice here and the map here. https://www.skagitcounty.net/PlanningAndPermit/Documents/notices2023/May/bs80.brannonm.05.26.23.pdfhttps://www.skagitcounty.net/Maps/iMap/?pid=P135296

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